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Restaurant Hours

  • Friday 12:00pm–6:00pm
  • Saturday 12:00pm–6:00pm
  • Sunday 12:00pm–6:00pm
  • Monday – Thursday: Closed


  • 160 Baldwin, Toronto

Catering available throughout the week upon request*

Take-Out Menu

The Meal

Homemade vegan proteins on a bed of basmati brown rice cooked with flax & quinoa, topped with a salad of organic steamed & fresh veggies. Proteins: Curry Chickpeas, Jerk Seitan, and Moringa Loaf. Enjoy our specialty… a little of everything!

Small $13.00
Large $17.00

The Roti

Oven-fired vegan roti with our Caribbean vegan proteins and organic steamed & fresh veggies wrapped and toasted in a whole wheat dhalpuri shell. Proteins: Curry Chickpeas, Jerk Seitan, and Moringa Loaf. Toasty goodness.

Small $13.00
Large $17.00

Soup of the Day

Caribbean soup made fresh with Jamaican yams, pumpkins & organic coconut milk, with legumes of the day and fresh herbs. Always vegan & gluten free.

Small – $5.50
Medium – $7.00
Large – $11.50

Savoury Pizza Cake

Homemade focaccia flatbread made fresh weekly with yams, cassava, brown rice & oat flour. This pizza is loaded with vegan Caribbean toppings– curry, jerk & fresh organic veggies. (Please let us know if you need it gluten-free.)

Personal 9″ Flatbread – $17.00

Veggie D’Light was founded with a vision of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for the masses. Caribbean flavour and nourishment for the body… just the right balance catering to a healthier you.

Vegan Caribbean


About Us

Chef  Peter


VD’L Meal Plans

Call to order if you are planning to come today or tomorrow. Shop online to plan in advance. We’re open weekends friends.

CALL NOW: (647) 352-7581

Vegan Caribbean

Welcome to Veggie D’Light


What Sets Us Apart

Rest assured, all our food is 100% plant-based, non-GMO, and made with all organic veggies.

Highly Nutritious

Caribbean Flavour

Organic Veggies

No refined sugar

100% Plant-based


Reviews from our Friends

“It was so good I went back the following day!“
“Healthy, tastes great, great service. Can't ask for much more.“
“This is the best food in Toronto, the amount of love and care put into the preparation and service is unparalleled from my experience. A must visit restaurant.“
“Oh man! Beautiful home cooked Vegan Jamaican. Who knew Vegan could taste so good?“
“Wonderful people. Wonderful food. If vegan food was this uniformly good I'd be a vegan 100% of the time.“

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