Hi friends, in keeping with government regulations around COVID-19, we are practicing physical distancing in our new space at 160 Baldwin in Kensington Market. We have limited indoor seating, and a street patio available. 

We know now it’s our decisions that make us survive & thrive, because we really don’t know the unknown.

That’s why Veggie D’Light is invested in offering nutritious, vegan food, so we can always make better decisions in times like these.

We are taking every precaution to prepare your food safely, in a sterile kitchen. Masks are required, thank you.

Please call us at (647) 352-7581 for pickup orders Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12pm-6pm and email to inquire about meal plans & catering. 


When we are open on weekends, come by and pickup a vegan meal! Please see our daily menu below.

Try signature proteins served with steamed organic vegetables on a bed of Brown Basmati Rice with Flax & Quinoa. Or you can choose to have your veggies & proteins wrapped up and toasted in a Dhalpuri Roti.

We also have our new savoury Pizza Cake, made with homemade ancient grains crust and loaded with plant-based toppings!

Ask about our Soup of the Day and homemade Kombucha Tonics.

We are also offering VD’L Meal Plans if you would like to mix & match and prepare your own meals on the days we are closed, all from the comfort of your home.

Wishing you food happiness, and have a beautiful one.

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Located at 160 Baldwin in Kensington Market

Vegan Meal - Protein & Veggies
The small meal “with everything”

Restaurant take-out menu


"Explosion of flavour in your mouth. Vegetarian or not, try this one place. The taste and the flavour alone are worth the visit."

– Sanjay

Veggie D’Light Daily Menu

We have vegan rice bowl meals, soup of the day, vegan roti, organic veggies and gluten-free pizza cake.

Open Fridays, Saturday, Sunday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm, while quantities last!

Call ahead for quick pickup at 160 Baldwin, in Kensington Market, Toronto.

Vegan Chef Peter - Veggie D'Light

Meet Our Chef – Peter McKenzie

Veggie D’Light’s international chef Peter McKenzie was introduced to the culinary arts while studying at West Indies College in Mandeville Jamaica, in the late 1980s.

As Peter travelled through the West Indies and North America, working alongside Red Seal chefs, he couldn’t help but notice a lack of options in the food industry for people like himself, who embrace a plant-based lifestyle.

As a response to this need, Peter worked diligently on a plan to develop nutritious, vegan recipes that incorporate just the right blend of seasoning needed to keep each dish fun, exciting and delicious for all ages.

Now that Peter has perfected an insurmountable number of vegan dishes, he wants to share them all with you.

Made with care and precision, we are confident that you will be left feeling nourished and energetic, bringing the vital element of a well balanced diet, to contribute to a healthier you!

"This place was amazing, great vibes great food. Authentic Jamaican food. My fav spot of the city."
– Isiah

Thank you friends, for choosing Veggie D’Light

to cater for a Healthier You.


"Oh my goodness... I am eating the Jerk Seitan roti. I'm in heaven. It is so good I want to hang around until I'm hungry again and eat more!! Friendly, cozy atmosphere. I just became a regular."

– Garth

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