Lockdown ready…. Vegan Meal Plans to keep you safe & nourished.

Includes curry supreme, jerk seitan, basmati brown rice with flax & quinoa, organic
veggies, and a jar of soup.

Skip cooking for a couple days or add some Veggie D’Light to your meals for the

Vegan Caribbean Meal Plan

What’s included in the VD’L Meal Plan?

+ Basmati Brown Rice with flax & quinoa

+ Curry Supreme

+ Homemade Jerk Seitan

+ Organic Veggies

+ Side Soup of the Day

Pickup during opening hours, Friday to Sunday, from 1pm to 6pm.

“Call us to order if you are planning to come today or tomorrow. Shop online to plan in
advance. We’re open weekends.”

VD’L Meal Plans

Reviews from our Friends

“ The flavours, nourishing ingredients, and super friendly staff always keeps me coming back. Thanks so much Peter for improving my health with your amazing food.”
“Epic vegan deliciousness!”
“One of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto, not only does it taste good but it leaves you with a great feeling every time. Best part of this place though, is the fact that your non-vegetarian friends will love it as much as you do.”
“I love this place. The service is amazing and the food is incredible. Every time I go there I feel so welcome. I ordered the Level 1 meal plan when I was in quarantine. It was so good, with just the right amount of spice. Definitely go out of the way for this. It is one of Kensington’s jewels.”

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We’re a Vegan Caribbean take-out & catering in the heart of Kensington Market, Toronto, providing nutritious fortification for any palette.

Catering Services

“Want more? For our friends who like to have it all….. order from the catering menu, 72 hours advance notice required.”